Virtual tours drive better customer experiences

Deliver an immersive experience to potential buyers of your property, or communicate rich details to contractors and other stakeholders using 360 degree virtual tours.

Evan Roark

Broker, Property Manager

April 12, 2021

As a real estate brokerage, Foster Realty helps redefine the future of real estate by implementing innovative tech solutions in it's service offerings. We're a property management company, helping investors keep their properties running smoothly and preserving their rental or resale value. As head of the company I was in charge of getting properties rented and keeping property owners informed of critical issues during one of the most challenging times in our modern history. I brought my enthusiasm for virtual tour tech and it's applications in real estate to help us accomplish our client's goals. We chose Ricoh's virtual tour platform to quickly get hundreds of properties in the eyes of tenants as well as our landlord clients. I've outlined below some of the reasons we chose this solution and how they can benefit you.

Encourage more offers

Get offers before the buyer even sets foot in your property by building an immersive experience that wows and impresses so much that you can increase your chances of receiving an offer.

Get contractor bids quicker

Improve your property turnover time by using 360 degree photography and sending your contractor a link to view instead of a site visit. Meet deadlines faster by using the latest technology.

Keep an eye on your property

Foster Realty virtual tours allow you to see your property as if you are standing in it. Save money and time by seeing more of your property than ever before without having to buy a plane ticket.