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Sell your Las Vegas Real Estate

Get full service real estate agents to list, market, and sell your property.

  • Get a professional market analysis to determine the price you'd like to sell for

  • Arrange maintenance or upgrades to your property to achieve maximum value

  • Market your property to huge audiences online with virtual tours and digital advertisement

  • Negotiate and administer the transaction paperwork and milestones with all parties

  • Work with your accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors for strategic planning

Key Services

Hands-on real estate agents advise you on achieving maximum value

Your agent or sales team provides you with access to the best information and a helpful hand through all of the important milestones of selling your property. You get consistent communication and a great experience with a a trained professional handling your transaction. Foster Realty agents simplify the sales process using their experience to navigate from initial consultation to closing with the shared goal of making the sale of your property a success.

Use modern real estate technology to sell faster

Foster Realty integrates the latest technology into each stage of the sales process, such as electronic signatures, virtual tours, and digital marketing. While you have access the newest resources available, the sales team takes a hands on approach in making sure the services and your property is accessible to the widest audience possible regardless of high tech or low tech preferences.

Sell one property or an entire portfolio using a scalable sales team

Sell your property using a licensed real estate agent that will advise you on market conditions, showcase the best features of your property to potential buyers, and guide you through your transaction. Sell your portfolio by deploying a managed sales team that provides you sales intelligence so you can measure and adjust your efforts to obtain consistent results for your mission critical project.

Real estate listing service for residential and commercial

Foster Realty provides listing agents that will sell your property across a variety of specialties:

Single Family Residential - Condos and homes

Multi Family - Four-plexes, apartment buildings

Retail - Shopping centers, strip malls

Office - Single and multi tenant buildings

Industrial - Condos, distribution centers, multi tenant buildings


A real estate investor uses Foster Realty to sell properties from it's portfolio.

Story highlights

  • Seeks favorable acquisition targets in high growth market segments

  • Manages properties, fill vacancies, stablize rents and upgrades property to increase value

  • Sells properties for maximum value at the right time

Liberty shopping center owner chooses Foster Realty for it's ability to market it's property and find a buyer.

Foreign investors hire Foster Realty to list and sell their home in Summerlin, while keeping compliant with FIRPTA requirements.

KCD Martin LLC works with Foster Realty to acquire, manage, and sell a high profile condo portfolio in a prime location in Las Vegas.

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How 360 degree virtual tours and video walk through tours are the latest strategy to find renters for your space online.

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Tips and best practices for preparing and maintaining your home as a rental property

All services

Market Analysis

Licensed and experienced agent will perform various analysis depending on the property type, taking past and current market information and assess conditions to culminate a decision regarding property. Assist property owner in pricing and timing the listing of a property to the market.

Repairs & Make Ready

Ensure your property is well maintained before and during the sale process. Get a detailed punch list to proactively get ahead of items that may arise during buyer's inspection. Get recommendations on capital expenditure projects that will wow buyers and help you get maximum value for your property.


Present the property in a favorable manner, using technologies such as high resolution photography, drones, 360 degree virtual tour, video walkthrough, compelling property descriptions. Create a custom strategy to reach customers with marketing tactics which can include property websites, brochures, signage, open houses, community events, email campaigns, online real estate directories, listing services, and digital marketing on major consumer websites.


Licensed real estate agents follow up with interested buyers to make appointments to show the property. Agents show the property to potential buyers and assist them in writing an offer. Once an offer is accepted, escrow is opened and an earnest money deposit is collected. The sales team walks the seller through all the steps and schedules a meeting with the tenant on the move in date to inspect the property and provide the keys.

Inspections and Due Diligence

Foster Realty sales agents work closely with you to help coordinate with certified inspectors, providing detailed reports on the property you are purchasing. As needed, further due diligence can be performed such as environmental testing and land surveys. Contractors can be brought in to provide bids to get the property performing well as quickly as possible.

Escrow Coordination

Ensure the buyer deposits the earnest money. Work with escrow officer to ensure all requirements are met for a successful closing. Review preliminary title report and work to resolve any title exceptions. Receive estimated closing statement and review the debits and credits to you before closing and receiving funds. Coordinate with a qualified intermediary if transaction is a 1031 exchange.

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